How You Can Attract More Followers On Instagram

1It is the desire of every Instagram user to get many followers to interact with each day. Unless you are a celebrity or a public figure, you may find it challenging to execute a process that earns you more followers on Instagram. It can take a long time before you gain the good number of followers you would like to have. Sharing photos to a tiny audience is depressing especially when you are doing so to promote a business or product. To make the process easy, below are ideas you can apply to attract more instagram followers.

Use contests

Contests are a perfect way to attract followers to your Instagram account. You can set up a contest that highlights some steps for users to follow. In the contest you can have an attractive prize to successful entrants and to gain from it, you can make it a procedure to first like a photo on your profile for anyone to enter. While many will like the photo, most of them will follow you for purposes of getting updates regarding the contest. Setting up such a contest twice or three times will leave you with hundreds of new followers on Instagram.

Use hashtags

May of the conversations found on Instagram are based on hashtags and if you would like to reach a wide audience, it is advisable to also set up hashtags. Most importantly, consume popular hashtags like #tbt, which will expose you to searches. By doing so, you will receive many followers, who feel they share the same interests as you.

Quality rocks

It makes no sense to litter your Instagram account with photos that do not speak quality. Quantity over quality is spammy and many people will avoid associating with you for that reason. If you want to attract more meaningful followers, use high quality photos and carry meaningful content.

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